Managing Stress in the Moment with Mindfulness

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Mindful Resilience is an important resource for coping well during challenging, high pressure or stressful times. If you are committed to raising the bar on your health and performance, then you have to learn to manage your stress in the moment, and Mindfulness delivers this beautifully.

Mindfulness can be a transformative method of underpinning Resilience. Given the time-poor world we live in, I wanted to identify helpful questions to ask ourselves when the enjoyment of a challenge turns to unhealthy stress. 

Here they are:

  1. Can you continue to manage your current stress levels if nothing has changed 2 years from now?
  2. Thinking about your current situation – which stress solutions are currently working for you? 
  3. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statement:

– “I have enough energy levels for my favourite hobby or past time” 

– Would having a stress relief technique to use in the moment be helpful? 

A recent financial services client of mine wanted to identify ways he could turn ‘stressful situations’ into more positive opportunities using Mindful Resilience. He was happy to share some of his thoughts on the benefits of Mindfulness Coaching for Executives: 

What has the Executive Coaching Program helped you do differently?
“After 25 years in the City, most of which has been spent running trading and broking businesses, the Coaching was a great opportunity to see how I could better address stressful tasks and situations. The Mindfulness strategies gave an immediate sense of re-balance, focus and clarity ­– perfect for results-orientated City people”.

What are some of the results you have achieved?
“As part of a qualification I am building towards, I recently attended a workshop that assessed behaviour in conflict situations – something that I approached with concern. I found that working with my Coach put me in the perfect frame of mind. Top sportspeople seem to have more time and space than their peers and the best way that I can describe the impact of working with Julie and Mindfulness for a Leadership context is that it gives you the space to perform at your best… For anyone who works under pressure and who feels that what goes on in their head can sometimes get in the way, working with Mindfulness is a great way forward.”

Mindful prep allows you to consider your reactions to situations in order to:

  • Disengage from any stressful feelings
  • Disengage from other people’s stress
  • Stop the drain on your mental and physical systems
  • Focus in on what you can influence to take the most efficient next step

We can’t turn the human stress response off – however Mindfulness can help us manage it better. It develops our capacity to free up headspace, to then be able to focus on problem solving, which in turn raises our further.

Being able to unfreeze, and gain clarity and calm during moments of high pressure is invaluable. Mindfulness on the go is a dynamic state that can enable greater flexibility in the body and mind, keeping us calm in the face of challenge or change.

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