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Team Building – Inspiring Development

Teams that consistently perform to their highest potential develop focus, manage emotions, commit to growing their capacity for growth and Bounce-Back, and are able to navigate and nurture effective working relationships.

The purpose of a team is to drive individual and collective performance, deliver against objectives and look for new opportunities to thrive as a function. Getting people to work well together and realise their full potential – we work with you to assess the presenting team dynamics and development needs. We then design and deliver bespoke solutions that enable teams within your organisation to grow and to take action where it is needed most.

Our experienced team of consultants include Psychologists, Management Consultants and Mediators who work together to help your people have a better understanding of each other’s personality styles, communication preferences, possible blocks to innovation and to identify where team culture can change to benefit everyone. Keeping all levels within the team motivated and committed to the wider team purpose – this empowers your teams to adapt to constantly changing systems and market demands.

Supporting Leaders to understand how to create high performance teams raises organisational Resilience and can be highly beneficial in a range of situations including:

  • Newly formed teams – new or reshaped groups who have come together as a result of organisational change.
  • Existing teams with the potential to perform better.
  • Supporting a newly appointed Leader with a snapshot of the capability within their team and increased understanding of how to maximise their potential.
  • Groups facing new commercial challenges.

In a world where VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complete and ambitious) is constant, team interventions can help to facilitate a stronger group, working towards overcoming market challenges and disruption whilst maintaining wellbeing. Rather than off-the-shelf programmes we work with you to ensure team interventions will challenge your people to rethink their approach and make a powerful and positive difference.

Interventions often include:

  • Diagnostic audits by Organisational Research and Business Psychologists gathering qualitative and quantative data.
  • A wide range of psychometric assessments relevant to your needs.
  • 360° feedback.
  • Group coaching and team building days.
  • One-to-one coaching for Senior Leaders.

Group sessions are carefully managed to surface challenges and build consensus for a workable solution. The team supporting you will work with the group to understand the strengths, issues and challenges.  Psychometric profiling and 360° feedback for each group member creates a ‘map’ to offer insights into the strengths and areas for growth benchmarked against an external benchmark norm.

Targeted team building interventions turn your people’s focus towards the growth of a positive future, transforming both individual and group performance. The result is a team with clearly defined and shared objectives, deeper self-awareness, enhanced working relationships and greater commitment to a culture of growth. This helps the group build trust in themselves and each other – and to feel confident to have those hard conversations, to challenge and be challenged, so that they can achieve a tangible difference.

Team interventions help you create sustainable and effective teams who can deliver positive change in your organisation and business. If you would like to discuss developing a unique team event that will give your people a focus towards a high-performance mindset whilst maintaining positive group dynamics and Resilience, then please do get in touch on 07872 517109 or email


Read a recent client’s experience here:

"Great group discussion with helpful advice. Overall it was thought provoking and engaging. It was useful to work with others to see how Resilience and wellbeing can be achieved at a team level. Working in a more cohesive unit, we can see how together we can be stronger".

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