Mental Health Awareness Training for Line Managers

The transformational value of investing in Mental Health Training for Managers is becoming increasingly evident.

Building a confident resilient workforce helps to meet responsibilities around safeguarding and advances the wellbeing and Mental fitness of a thriving workforce.

If you are looking to offer Mental Health Awareness training as part of a pro-active approach to building people management capability, our programme for Line Managers covers both personal Resilience and awareness of Mental Health.

Mental Health Awareness Training for Line Managers typical agenda would include:

  • To give an overview of the definition of emotional and Mental Health.
  • Encourage participants to think about risk and Resilience factors by exploring the complexities of stress.
  • To build Line Manager capability to start a conversation around Mental Health through case study discussions.
  • To provide an opportunity for participants to consider how they can pro actively build Resilience in their team’s.
  • To deliver clear information about when and how to seek further support.
  • Develop a team action plan.

Proactive prevention is better than cure when it comes to Mental Health and deepening the understanding of what we mean when we say Mental Health, and what this actually translates to in terms of management capability, is key to helping build Line Manager’s confidence to have positive conversations with their teams.

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"Great group discussion and helpful advice. Thought provoking, useful and engaging. It is useful to work with others to see how Resileince and wellbeing is being achieved".

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