Resilience Masterclass

Would you like to learn how you can Bounce-Back from high-pressure more quickly? The Resilience Masterclass session will explore how Resilience raises the capacity to perform consistently whilst achieving balance and wellbeing.

During this interactive session participants will learn techniques to change their response to stress, enhancing their ability to recover from challenge and change. Gain control over reactions and take advantage of a comprehensive approach to managing the pressures we face in today’s fast-paced life.

Participants in our Resilience Masterclass, which is offered as a half or full day training, will learn more about:

  • The impact of stress on personal effectiveness
  • The science behind how stress impacts our energy levels
  • Practical strategies to manage stress both ‘in the moment’ and for long term sustainability

Presented by a range of trainers to suit your audience, each session will illustrate practical ways of dealing with issues and lifestyle considerations. Resilience Masterclass’ enable participants to consider new ways to effectively manage and prepare for challenges as they arise with clarity, increased self-awareness and Resilience.

If you require further information, please do call our Resilience Programme Director, Julie Courtney on 0787 251 7109 or email us on:


Read a recent client’s experience here:

"Very interesting session. It made me think about ways to balance not only my work and home life, but also to be more proactive about working on myself to boost Resilience".

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