Mindful Resilience

Get Your Bounce-Back is a Mindfulness Training Programme incorporating 6 brilliantly simple steps to develop Mindful Resilience.

Mindfulness is an invaluable skill that helps to develop our capacity for greater Resilience. It is a wonderful practice that can support our health, wellbeing and performance.

We have developed a 6-step Mindfulness programme for those who wish to develop Mindful Resilience to the typical everyday pressures we all experience, as well as for those working towards deepening their experience of Mindfulness through meditation.

The ideas outlined are simple – yet can be transformational – and allow you the time and space to develop your practice gently. We sometimes experience barriers to change, however the benefits of the transformation can be remarkable and we have had an excellent response to our Mindfulness training programmes.

There are 3 routes to raising Mindfulness skills in your workforce – these are:

  • Introductory taster session
  • 6 week programme delivered either in person or virtually
  • Digital Mindfulness resources available to upload to your intranet site

Adapted for the modern world the 6-step programme allows you to connect and to take notice. On completion of the programme, a daily practice of 6-10 minutes is all you need to thrive in the modern world.

Mastering Mindfulness comes not just from making time for silent uninterrupted meditation but also from developing your toolkit of practices, knowing them so well that you can draw on them to help you at any moment throughout the day.

Developing Mindful awareness empowers us to improve our capacity for Bounce-Back, long term Resilience and Mindful living. We have addressed the safe use of Mindfulness with safe practice guidelines, written by our Consultant Clinical Psychologist on Mental Health and Mindfulness.

After many years of study and teaching we can confidently say our 6-step programme is all you need to support developing Mindfulness. There is no need to consume numerous Mindfulness apps that have a broad range of options you can take part in that keep you switched on to technology!

We advocate for simplicity in your approach to Mindfulness in order to gain the full benefits this practice can offer and Get Your Bounce-Back delivers this. If you would like to know more please email julie@theresilienceformula.co.uk.


Read a recent client’s experience here:

"Thank you so much for introducing me to Mindfulness. The various relaxation, focus, breathing techniques and meditations have been life changing. I found the programme incredibly useful and will use Mindfulness going forward in work and life".

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