Resilience Coaching

“In the 21st Century, change is the norm and Resilience is the new skill”

Harvard Business Review

Restore – Renew – Revitalise

Resilience helps your workforce build emotional self awareness and regulation in order to be better equipped to embrace change.  Through our Coaching Programmes employees will learn practical strategies that balance their reactions to the inevitable every day pressures of modern day living, in order to improve long-term wellbeing.

Personal Resilience Programme

This Coaching Programme shows participants how to reduce stress, improve wellbeing and enhance the quality of life and work. Taking part in this Programme participants will learn how to:

  • Understand the relationship between emotions, stress, performance and health
  • Increase Resilience, vitality and feel better more often
  • Achieve a clear perspective in difficult situations
  • Revitalise relationships
  • Improve overall ability to manage regardless of pressures


Freelance Communications Consultant and Amateur Long-Distance Runner

“Whilst in training for the Brighton Marathon, I needed to overcome certain health challenges that threatened to disrupt my training routine. Working closely with Julie, I felt a boost in my overall sense of heath and wellbeing and was able to regain my peak performance during training, including higher levels of endurance, confidence and optimism. Julie explored every conceivable way of achieving better health, wellbeing and performance for me. She kept me focused on an overall action plan and was an excellent Coach and mentor.”

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