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Mindfulness Helps You Raise Wellbeing and Performance 

Those who consistently perform in challenging situations, where success may, at times, appear insurmountable, need on-the-go Mindful Resilience skills to maintain an optimistic outlook and focus to reach their highest potential.

Founder Julie Courtney leads this unique Mindful Resilience Coaching Programme – Executive Renewal. It incorporates a number of approaches and techniques that help participants to build the necessary Resilience to stay authentic and energised, in and outside of the workplace. As a leading provider of Mindfulness corporate solutions, this programme is ideal for a hectic corporate life and combines Resilience strategies and Mindfulness practices.  This empowers Executives to maintain wellbeing despite travel commitments and limited time with no gym access.

Although Resilience and wellbeing doesn’t pretend to eradicate stress, it instead deals with it head-on and just as high performing athletes and musicians practice techniques to achieve peak performance, the advanced Resilience techniques offered through this Programme help Executives feel empowered to sustain their performance in a positive and healthy way.

Through discussions based around stress recognition, reducing negative impacts and knowing how to re-enter a high performance zone, the Programme will:

  • Show participants how to recognise and reduce stress and fatigue, boosting personal Resilience, health and wellbeing
  • Provide practical techniques to achieve focus and clarity for peak performance
  • Enhance ability to think clearly and make good decisions under pressure
  • Strengthen team cohesion and connection to personal and organisational goals and objectives
  • Create the space to lead

Who is the Executive Renewal Programme Aimed at?

Aimed at anyone working in a high pressured environment who wants to update their Resilience practices, learn Mindfulness and benefit from improved Bounce-Back. Tailored to individual’s requirements, the accelerated sessions works well to support Programmes such as Partner Survival Programmes for law and accountancy practices or when Executives achieve a certain level within organisations.

Suited to Headteachers, touring musicians, top Executives with international travel demands and open-minded industry professionals, our clients come from all walks of life.  As an example of the diverse applicability, we recently designed and delivered a successful HeartMath Pre-deployment Training and Coaching Programme for coalition force members at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst. Julie also leads a sustaining Resilience session for the Executive MBA’s at Judge Business School, Cambridge. Julie continually works with Executives from a range of corporate backgrounds and is a passionate advocate for Mindfulness within the Leadership context.

Please contact us to discuss how we can help your top team reach wellbeing goals to support the required performance for successful Leadership, or to discuss tailoring this programme for groups.



Leading Singer on the world stage

As a touring musician, I spend around 7 months of the year traveling from country to country, managing an incredibly busy schedule. When I’m on the road I tend to struggle with the lack of sleep, nutrition and exercise and wish I could find a way of managing my time better. I love my job and I know how lucky I am to be a part of such an amazing group, but remaining on top form in pressurised situations is tough.

So, getting together with a Coach and discussing my approach to working life, drawing from my experiences on the stage and looking at how I can positively manage my schedule, was extremely advantageous.

By introducing Mindfulness to my daily routine and using Resilience methods at home and at work, I’ve already noticed an ability to deal with pressure situations in a more relaxed and positive way. As a singer I recognise the importance of breathing, but hadn’t thought to use its power to help keep control of myself in stressful moments or to assist me in important decision making processes.

Thanks to Julie's expertise, as well as her friendly and calming nature, she has helped me learn a lot more about myself. By applying Mindfulness and Resilience methods to all aspects of my life, I'm now looking forward to continuing this process of change.

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