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Finding Gratitude Amidst a Virus Outbreak

In a time of uncertainty and potential isolation, it is even more important to have the space to think, reflect and plan to maintain performance. We hold this space so that we can lend you strength and encourage you not to forget self-care at this time. The team are committed to helping everyone find a way to thrive in this new context and successfully adapt.

Through a series of blogs, we will be sharing practical pointers for those working from home; raising self-awareness and posting suggestions for hope and positive action. We hope to empower you, to navigate this period of history, for yourself and those around you, be it your family, team or residential community.

Today I wanted to shine the spotlight on Andrew Stringfellows blog.

If you are asking yourself, how do we navigate these unprecedented times? Then Andrew’s blog helps us to:

  • Understand the importance of a daily practice of gratitude.
  • Reflect on the gift of taking of responsibility for yourself.
  • Encourage that we develop compassion. 
  • Acknowledge change outside of our control and recognise the things we can take control of. 

Gratitude breeds a number of things including compassion, which raises our capacity for Resilience. We see this in the UK’s, ‘Thursday’s clap for the NHS and carers.’ Andrew’s blog encourages us to make sure you are finding a way to clap for yourself, as well as others. You have got this.

We have a vast range of support programmes and numerous options (delivered virtually) that we are currently mobilising with our clients. We will also be supporting the NHS, small businesses and charities as well as our corporate clients, so do get in touch if you would like to know more.

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