Positive Psychology

In this session you will learn about what Positive Psychology recommends for the development of wellbeing and acquire tools to safeguard your mental and psychological health. Learn how to promote mental and psychological health by using tools to help you identify your blocks to good practice.

Dr. Chloe will share with you what Positive Psychology recommends in the development of wellbeing and will also put this into a wider psychological context – so that you can compare key ideas and recommendations. She will draw on her expertise in Counselling Psychology and will highlight the risks to mental health when wellbeing is neglected or overwhelmed by stress and depleted Resilience. You will be introduced to ideas that promote growth, even in the face of distress and uncertainty. And explore how emotional monitoring can be used as a good compass and measure of mental health.

This session will offer you the opportunity to reflect on how your own wellbeing practice affects your workplace productivity and your home life. You will leave this session with a deeper understanding of the importance of wellbeing and will have set some realistic goals to positively expand your relationship and attitude with your own wellbeing.

If you are ready to create greater wellbeing and energy for your workforce, improve the collective Resilience of your teams and wider organisation, and to benefit your customer experiences, these sessions are for you.

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