Mental Health Awareness

Self-Care for Mental Fitness and Health

What is self-care? What do we mean when we say self-care, and why do we need it? This session will explain the link between mental health, mental fitness, self-care and practice, and health. It is aimed at everyone and will rely on latest best practice advice from Psychological research.

Myth Busting for Mental Health

This session will focus on dispelling any myths surrounding mental health. Presenting the latest research informed by Psychology and Neuroscience to explain mental health occurrence across the UK and across the professional communities. Myths surrounding the causes of mental health and myths relating to treatment options (like therapy, medicine). Recovery figures and ongoing support will also be presented.

Understanding Grief and Loss

During this session, participants will learn – what grief is, what the different types of grief are, how to recognise the symptoms of grief and loss, and how to recognise the signs of mental health. Plus complications resulting from unprocessed grief. Best practice in the workplace to support a person bereaved and returning to work will also be covered.

Understanding Depression, Anxiety, Panic and Self Harm (for Both Adults and Adolescents)

During this session participants will learn – what depression, anxiety, panic and self harm are (diagnostic criteria). What are the key symptoms and how to recognise signs of risk in colleagues and adolescents.  Best practice and treatment options will also be highlighted for both adults and adolescents.

Coping with Suicide in the Workplace

This session will focus on presenting best practice (based on latest psychological research) for coping with suicide in the workplace. Understanding normal responses, developing awareness of how to cope with such a loss, both as a Manager or a team will be explained.

Handling Mental Health Conditions in the Workplace

This session is aimed at Line Managers exploring how to manage tensions, expectations, putting in good practice and systems and starting conversations around mental health with more confidence and awareness.

If you are ready to create greater wellbeing and energy for your workforce, improve the collective Resilience of your teams and wider organisation, and to benefit your customer experiences, these sessions are for you.


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