Wellbeing Round Table Focus Groups

The argument “I do not get affected by stress” does not stand up against science. Our pace of life has increased dramatically yet our bodies have not had an upgrade since prehistoric times when we responded to life by instinct.

There is currently a lot of “buzz” around the words Mindfulness, Resilience and wellbeing. The Resilience Formula have developed training and coaching programmes for some of the best known and resilient organisations. We are very lucky to have partnered with forward thinking clients who recognise that building sustainable wellbeing requires a new approach.

Through focus groups, we can share our thought leadership and support your organisation in creating a wellbeing proposition that will reach your people 365 days of the year.

As an organisation or individual if are you asking some of the following questions:

  • How do we truly create a resilient and healthy workforce?
  • Is it our responsibility or the employees?
  • What is the business case?
  • How do we improve and sustain engagement?
  • What is the role of wellbeing and Resilience corporate strategies for future health?

Just because your staff are happy doesn’t mean they are not burnt out

Inaction on workforce wellbeing will hurt engagement, productivity and your bottom line.

These focus groups are a cost effective way to gather qualitative feedback from nominated participants. Led by subject matter experts in Resilience, our aim is to use these focus groups to help develop successful strategies and practical solutions for your employee wellbeing proposition.

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Freelance Communications Consultant and Amateur Long-Distance Runner

“Whilst in training for the Brighton Marathon, I needed to overcome certain health challenges that threatened to disrupt my training routine. Working closely with Julie, I felt a boost in my overall sense of heath and wellbeing and was able to regain my peak performance during training, including higher levels of endurance, confidence and optimism. Julie explored every conceivable way of achieving better health, wellbeing and performance for me. She kept me focused on an overall action plan and was an excellent coach and mentor.”

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