Managing Change

Explore how to manage self through challenge, change and adversity through this “Personal Purpose and Authenticity” session.

Whilst profit is both a condition and outcome of operating a sustainable business, an organisations’ purpose as a business, it’s reason for being, cannot be simply making money. Organisations are made up of relationships and the quality of these relationships cannot easily be measured or legislated for, and yet they are a key determinant of our individual and collective sense of wellbeing and shared endeavour.

Intrinsic human motivation studies have proven that, as individuals, we are motivated by more than the pursuit of money, power and status – which creates a challenge and an opportunity for us within our organisations.

Connecting to our own sense of personal purpose is vital to living and leading with authenticity and can help us understand the qualities of effective long term management of ourselves in our complex and ever changing word.

In this session attendees examine personal purpose and the need for connection to our personal truth, critical if we are to thrive within and outside of our organisations, exploring strategies for Bounce-Back after defeat and how to be authentic and true to yourself in change and conflict situations.

If you are ready to create greater wellbeing and energy for your workforce, improve the collective Resilience of your teams and wider organisation, and to benefit your customer experiences, these sessions are for you.


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