Coaching for Resilience

Coaching for Resilience – A Practical Introduction for Line Managers

This session is ideal for People Managers looking to raise their personal effectiveness and awareness of the relationship between Resilience and stress and how this shows up in themselves and their teams. Attending this workshop will support Managers to feel better prepared for the inevitable conversations around behavioural change that could be due to stress, a reduction in Resilience, and/or mental health problems.

As People Managers, you may think that Resilience is merely something we are either born with or not. We can build upon and improve our personal Resilience skillset which helps us relate to and better understand ourselves and others.  If you are ready to improve your own Resilience to manage the inevitable challenges in our everyday lives, this introductory session will introduce you to concepts that can enable you and your team to Bounce-Back; as well as helping you to begin to feel more comfortable around discussing stress and mental health.

If you are ready to create greater wellbeing and energy for your workforce, improve the collective Resilience of your teams and wider organisation, and to benefit your customer experiences, these sessions are for you.


Read a recent client’s experience here:

"I think this was a great session for the workplace. It was really helpful to consider identifying warning signs of stress, strategies for how to deal with stress for self and others. I had tried some of the techniques but it was a great reminder as well as highlighting how to introduce ideas to colleagues. I feel more equipped as a Line Manager to begin a conversation around Resilience and/or stress now, thank you".