Women in Leadership the Resilience Debate

We would like to invite you to participate in an engaging round-table discussion exploring:

What is the Biggest Resilience Challenge for Female Leaders?

Why Join Us?

Our work with clients has shown that when people are provided with the right tools to develop appropriate Resilience to stress and high pressure, they will step up to the next level of performance more easily.

Agenda Items Often Included in the Debate:

  • How far do your talent pipeline have sufficient Resilience to take the necessary steps outside their comfort zone?
  • How do Leaders role model Resilience to manage the inevitable challenges in their career journey?
  • What role does sponsorship and mentoring play in the Female Leadership journey?
  • What actions are being undertaken to promote organisational health and wellbeing?
  • How far does improving Resilience lead to a greater ability to sustain chosen career paths?

Our round-table events take place all year round. News on future events will be sent out via email so please sign up and join the debate today.

If you require further information or would like to run this debate internally, please contact our Founder of the Resilience debates, Julie Courtney 0787 251 7109 or email us on: julie@theresilienceformula.co.uk



Freelance Communications Consultant and Amateur Long-Distance Runner

“Whilst in training for the Brighton Marathon, I needed to overcome certain health challenges that threatened to disrupt my training routine. Working closely with Julie, I felt a boost in my overall sense of heath and wellbeing and was able to regain my peak performance during training, including higher levels of endurance, confidence and optimism. Julie explored every conceivable way of achieving better health, wellbeing and performance for me. She kept me focused on an overall action plan and was an excellent coach and mentor.”

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