Creating the Energy and Resilience for Success

A Focused and Practical Programme for Leaders

In challenging times, those who consistently perform to their higher potential develop focus, manage their emotions and Bounce-Back from challenge, change and adversity. This Leadership Programme enables delegates to build the necessary Resilience for Leadership in a balanced way.

This high quality learning experience will take participant’s Resilience strategies to the next level. If you know that inaction could be stopping you, your Leadership team or talent pipeline step up to the next level of performance and wellbeing, this programme is for you.

What we will cover:

Understanding Resilience, Pressure, Stress and Adversity

  • Learn the science behind high pressure and stress reactions
  • Discuss the potential impact stress has on productivity, focus and personal effectiveness (in yourself and others)
  • Discuss and agree the level of commitment to developing personal Resilience and agility
  • Learn how to retrain the human stress responses to improve Bounce-Back from high pressure projects and in the moment stress reactions
  • Explore the impact on communication and learn strategies to better respond in a balanced way to your wider workforce, team and customers

Core Values and Their Relationship to Emotional Self-Awareness and Regulation

  • Discuss core values and the relationship with stress
  • Explore how personal values challenge Resilience and motivation
  • Identify the emotional impact when core values are challenged in oneself and others
  • Learn strategies for emotional regulation, in order to perform more consistantly in “stretch” situations

Building Resilient Behaviours

  • Explore the mind-body connection and its impact on energy levels
  • Trial using biometric feedback technology to improve time spent in the high performance, stress-free zone
  • Practise problem-solving strategies to balance the brain and physiology in order to facilitate and solve commercial challenges

Building a Resilient Development Plan

  • Discuss and identify resilient behaviours in self and others, agreeing how Resilience can be used as a platform for success
  • Identify strategies that will improve your ability to Bounce-Back in all situations
  • Agree how this can be implemented in a way that maintains balance and the necessary equilibrium for commercial effectiveness and long-term health and wellness

The session will provide the opportunity to learn and practise strategies that can be used to stop stress and better regulate yourself to enable effective Leadership at all times. It will raise Resilience in order to build your capacity for resilient, confident and positive Leadership. Incorporating practical applications such as HeartMath’s leading biometric feedback technology, Mindfulness and much more.

Our Resilience Programmes can be adapted for your needs. We offer 1-day training through to modular based 3 to 6 month Programmes to truly raise your Leaders Resilience capability.
If you require further information, please do call our Resilience Programme Director who lectures on Resilience for the Executive MBAs at Judge Cambridge Business School, Julie Courtney on 0787 251 7109 or email us on


Freelance Communications Consultant and Amateur Long-Distance Runner

“Whilst in training for the Brighton Marathon, I needed to overcome certain health challenges that threatened to disrupt my training routine. Working closely with Julie, I felt a boost in my overall sense of heath and wellbeing and was able to regain my peak performance during training, including higher levels of endurance, confidence and optimism. Julie explored every conceivable way of achieving better health, wellbeing and performance for me. She kept me focused on an overall action plan and was an excellent coach and mentor.”

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