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So what is resilience?

Personal resilience is personal! There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to resilience; it is the “factor” that enables us to recover from situations that may cause us stress or pressure. Through our work with those who have joined our round table lunches and one day courses, we have established that creating a common understanding of what resilience is, is critical to the success of these programmes.

“Resilience is how you work through peak performances, busy, stressful and high pressure times in life, and learn and grow from them. It is not something you are born with or not, it can develop and grow with life’s experience and is found in a variety of behaviours, thoughts, actions and choices that give you the ability to bounce back, to adapt to change, re-balance and learn from the experience to improve personal effectiveness”

It can also be summarised as being resilient and not resistant to change – an important factor within the organisational and team setting!

The road to sustainability in work and life lies in building the appropriate resilience in your choices, actions, behaviours and skills in order to manage pressure positively.

What has resilience got to do with stress?

Stress is a fact of life and affects us all. Resilience is not about going through life smoothly and unaffected; resilience is the skill to deal with stress when it happens. It is an incredibly valuable life skill that will help you in those moments that are not perfect that if ignored could result in burnout. As well as our natural ability to cope with pressure, resilience can be learned, developed and improved.

Enabling effective performance

Resilience is not just something that is needed during the high pressure and stressful moments in life. We can learn skills and strategies to better manage ourselves in order to:

  • enable out of box thinking,
  • open blocks to problem solving and communication
  • taking responsibility for raising personal effectiveness in every day situations
  • improve communication and authenticity in your interaction with others
  • create a reliable platform for success

The relationship between resilience and wellbeing

There is a huge correlation between resilience and wellbeing. We all need resilience to weather any storm and uphold our health and wellbeing. Equally overall wellbeing will support our capacity to withhold a level of resilience necessary in today’s frantic world.

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