Resilience & Wellbeing Consultancy

Why consider a Resilience Audit?

Any organisation that recognises workforce resilience and wellbeing affects productivity, business sustainability, and the attraction and retention of key talent should be considering resilience and wellbeing audits.

What is Resilience?

Resilience is an organization, team, or individual’s ability to perform effectively, and sustainably, through times of change or pressure. It is not ‘enduring’ or ‘toughing it out’ at the cost of wellbeing, engagement and effectiveness. Rather, it is the ability to recognize and proactively manage resilience challenges to remain engaged and responsive to business and market requirements with agility, engagement, and focus.

What is a Resilience Audit, and what does it give you?

An organization is a dynamic, changing system. The elusive organizational ‘culture’ is made up of an interaction between the people of the business, and organizational factors that have been put in place either purposefully, or that have evolved over time. These factors include the organisation’s purpose, strategy, leadership, structure, systems and processes, work practices and history, to name just a few.

A resilience audit gives you a comprehensive view of the factors in your organization that combine to support or detract from your organisation’s ability to be responsive to market demands.

Understanding your Culture

One of the biggest challenges companies face is that of understanding and managing their culture – the interface between the people and the business. A resilience and wellbeing audit can be pivotal in enhancing individual and organisational performance in a more focused and targeted way, highlighting systemic factors affecting workforce resilience that can either support or detract from the wider company’s resilience.

A Resilience audit presents a real opportunity to take a comprehensive view of your organisation’s culture, how it impacts your people’s ability to perform within it, and its ability to respond to market pressures.

In sum, resilience audits help dynamic, smart businesses who know there’s more they can do to be their best, and are ready to step up and take a deeper look at what will make their environment a better place, creating a high-performance mind-set while maintaining health and wellbeing.

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