Stress Management Coaching

Control – Transform – Achieve

Would you like to build sustainable Resilience to stress and improve energy levels and vitality for your employees? Maintain control and take advantage of a comprehensive approach to managing stress, both in the workplace and at home. This Programme enables your people to stop the physical impact of stress on the body and improve their ability to manage regardless of the situation.

Intelligent Stress Solutions

We provide coaching and training that offers practical solutions to combat stress, improve your ability to perform – boosting wellbeing and balance. Participants in our Intelligent Stress Solutions Coaching Programme will learn to:

  • Deal with stress and achieve a better state of physical health
  • Feel calmer, happier and more energised
  • Gain the ability to rest, relax and enjoy better sleep
  • Manage emotions to lead a healthier lifestyle
  • Improve mental clarity and problem-solving skills


CEO, Match Capital

"When starting a new venture, I was going through the usual “Shall I, shan’t I?” about whether or not I was biting off more than I could chew. I’m normally a very confident individual, but I was experiencing wave of doubt about whether I was capable of delivering the new business.

Coaching with Julie taught me to combat those waves of doubt and re-assert my self-belief. Now, whenever a pang of uncertainty creeps into my psyche, I use the technique of ‘getting into neutral'. Learning to ‘breathe through the heart’ works, and helps to bring one’s heart rate under control. It is total common sense. Learning to control heart rate allows one to deal with stressful situations in a controlled manner."

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