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Would you like to increase confidence and boost the performance of your graduates, talent pool or Leadership Team? Discover how to maintain focus, clarity and the ability to sustain peak performance regardless of external challenges through performance coaching. Improve your people’s ability to communicate more effectively and unlock creativity and productivity.

The Intelligent Management of Self, Career and Long Term Energy

We provide coaching and training that offers quick and effective techniques to enhance performance, Resilience and improve confidence in all aspects of life. Participants in our Performance Training and Coaching Programmes will learn to:

  • Uncover and disengage from the negative impact of stress
  • Achieve focus, clarity and the ability to sustain performance
  • Listen and communicate more effectively
  • Respond quickly to complex priorities without reducing energy
  • Increase Resilience to enhance both performance and the decision making process

David Pope

Head of International Distribution, Legal & General

The coaching programme that Julie worked on with me, helped me to see the positive side of situations rather than the negative. It has meant I have become more proactive in addressing situations, and see opportunities where previously I may have seen obstacles. It also gave me the opportunity to consider personal and professional goals, learn tools that have enabled me to feel more in control, and has equipped me to deal much more effectively with ambiguity, which has been useful in both the workplace and at home. In addition, I have had increased energy levels despite a very busy work schedule. Julie was challenging in getting me focused – creating accountability, encouraging me to use the tools ahead of situations that were important or high-pressure situations – so I could see and feel the benefits. I found the one-to-one session with Julie extremely useful – she quickly establishes rapport and trust. I felt it was critical to work with someone who is empathic, who will listen but also challenge and push me.

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