Women’s Resilience

For anyone looking to help support their female talent pipeline and/or women in business be successful in work and life.

How do female leaders develop sustainable resilience to manage the inevitable challenges for themselves and others in the leadership journey? Improving personal effectiveness against a backdrop of conflicting priorities at work and home, and finding ‘me time’ where you can keep those valuable moments of pause and reflection that allow you to hit your reset button and move forward, can be challenging.

Attending this workshop will provide the opportunity to explore solutions that will boost resilience to support longer-term wellbeing to sustain chosen career paths and to create a greater personal flow and positive impact when dealing with others, then this session will introduce you to a deeper understanding of how to bounce back in a confident and balanced way to the typical stressors many women experience.

If you are ready to create greater wellbeing and energy for your workforce, improve the collective resilience of your teams and wider organisation, to benefit your customer experiences  these sessions are for you.


Do get in touch if you would like to discuss any of these workshops, or other available sessions from our trusted partners, whose topics include, Managing Change, Career Empowerment, Building your Personal Brand, Working with Cancer, Maternity Coaching, Sports & Exercise, Nutrition and much more!


Read a summary of recent client’s experience here

“As a new mum I needed to find new ways of dealing with stress whilst optimising performance. Balancing growing an international business with the needs of the family had its challenges. Under the trainer’s clear instruction. I achieved instant results on dealing with stress, which had immediate positive benefits. The introduction of mindfulness has enabled me to use the tools at any time and instantly. It really works. I’ve tried a lot of relaxation and various self-help practices – but this is by far the most empowering and easy to use in day-to-day life.”

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