Bite-Sized Learning

We offer a series of focused and practical bite-sized workshops which are ideal for lunch and learn sessions, wellbeing plans, women’s and parenting network activities and more! These accelerated sessions work well to support raising the collective resilience and wellness of the workforce through our clients in-house wider learning and development agendas. They also allow organisations with smaller health and wellbeing budgets to provide an introduction to the subject of resilience.

With accelerated learning experiences we can help your people to be more successful in their everyday lives.

A summary of our most popular sessions is below:


Learn how to really be in-the-moment and stop the outside noise, enabling you to maintain poise and focus on what really matters.  Identify what you need to stop doing? What could you start doing and how will you make it happen? Reduce stress and fatigue for yourself through making more positive and mindful choices in order to create a more balanced life and mindset.


What is resilience, why do we need it and why is it so personal? Learn a practical personal resilience breathing strategy and explore how our stress levels link to core values in order to be more resilient in everyday life and better understand what will drain and what will support your energy.  Develop greater awareness of the components of good resilience in order to strengthen your defences.

Coaching for Resilience

Managing self through Challenge, Change and Adversity

Explore how to manage self through challenge, change and adversity through this “Personal Purpose and Authenticity” session.

Whilst profit is both a condition and outcome of operating a sustainable business, an organisations’ purpose as a business, it’s reason for being, cannot be simply making money. Organisations are made up of relationships and the quality of these relationships cannot easily be measured or legislated for, and yet they are a key determinant of our individual and collective sense of wellbeing and shared endeavour.

Intrinsic human motivation studies have proven that, as individuals, we are motivated by more than the pursuit of money, power and status – which creates a challenge and an opportunity for us within our organisations.

Connecting to our own sense of personal purpose is vital to living and leading with authenticity and can help us understand the qualities of effective long term management of ourselves in our complex and ever changing word.

In this session attendees examine personal purpose and the need for connection to our personal truth, critical if we are to thrive within and outside of our organisations, exploring strategies for bouncing back after defeat and how to be authentic and true to yourself in change and conflict situations.

Women’s Resilience

For anyone looking to help support their female talent pipeline and/or women in business be successful in work and life.

How do female leaders develop sustainable resilience to manage the inevitable challenges for themselves and others in the leadership journey? Improving personal effectiveness against a backdrop of conflicting priorities at work and home, and finding ‘me time’ where you can keep those valuable moments of pause and reflection that allow you to hit your reset button and move forward, can be challenging.

Attending this workshop will provide the opportunity to explore solutions that will boost resilience to support longer-term wellbeing to sustain chosen career paths and to create a greater personal flow and positive impact when dealing with others, then this session will introduce you to a deeper understanding of how to bounce back in a confident and balanced way to the typical stressors many women experience.

Emotional Self awareness & Regulation

For anyone looking to understand what Emotional Intelligence is, and how it can help us be more successful in work and life.
In todays ever changing world:

  • Academic intellect isn’t enough
  • Technical skills are not the sole answer
  • Self control and relationships can be the difference between success and failure

Exploring how Emotional Intelligence can support us to manage the inevitable challenges in work and life is key.  Improving personal effectiveness and finding ‘me time’, where you can create those valuable moments of pause and reflection in order to regain emotional balance helps us to be more authentic and connect more meaningfully with others.

The fact is you cannot eliminate stress or pressure from your life, but through raising emotional self-awareness we can boost our resilience, and this a times can be the difference between success and failure.

Positive Psychology

In this session you will learn about what Positive Psychology recommends for the development of Well-being and acquire tools to safeguard your Mental and Psychological Health.

In this taster session you will explore what Wellbeing is, how to practice it to promote Mental and Psychological Health and will offer you the tools to help you identify your blocks to good practice.

More specifically, Dr Chloe will share with you what Positive Psychology recommends in the development of Well-being and will also put this into a wider psychological context – so that you can compare key ideas and recommendations. She will draw on her expertise in Counselling Psychology and will highlight the risks to Mental Health when Well-being is neglected or overwhelmed by Stress and depleted resilience practice. You will be introduced to ideas that promote growth – even in the face of distress and uncertainty – and you understand how emotional monitoring and appropriate reading of feelings can help you boost your Wellbeing practice and be a perfectly good compass and measure of Mental Health.

This session will offer you the opportunity to reflect on how your own Wellbeing practice affects your workplace productivity and your home life. You will leave this session with a deeper understanding of how your Well-being matters to you and you will be advised on how to set some realistic goals to positively expand your relationship and attitude with your own Well-being.

Effective Stress Management

Stress is a fact of life and it affects us all. Learn how to manage your in-the-moment responses to stress. Reduce the negative impact this can cause by exploring emotional self-awareness and learn balancing techniques. Understand the impact of emotions on heart rate variability and how this impacts our health and capacity for performance.

Tai Chi QiGong for the office

Learn three simple stretching movements to ease muscular aches and pains, fatigue and boost energy levels through this simple Mindfulness in Movement practice. Take the opportunity to practice seated based meditations, visualisation and relaxation techniques as well as reviewing the quality of your breathing rhythms and how this might be improved to support longer term wellbeing.

HeartMath® for the Front Office Environment – creating a shift to improve risk behaviour and culture change for the Financial Services sector

The fact is you cannot remove stress from the dealing floor. Transform trading stress and enhance your ability to think clearly and make good decisions under pressure. Reduce energy drain in real time. Develop intuitive insight (head, heart and guts) and improve personal resilience for positive energy management. Learn practical strategies for managing energy at work, in sport and at home.


Explore the mind-body connection and its impact on our lives at work and at home . Explore ways to achieve wellbeing and balance through simple breathing exercises that can be done any time, and through any challenging moments, big or small, without relying on the therapy table or gym.  Identify further areas of life that would benefit from small and achievable improvements, to raise overall wellbeing levels. Understand the relationship between wellbeing and performance, and through the aggregate of marginal gains develop a mini wellbeing action plan from this session.

If you are ready to create greater wellbeing and energy for your workforce, improve the collective resilience of your teams and wider organisation, to benefit your customer experiences  these sessions are for you.


Do get in touch if you would like to discuss any of these workshops, or other available sessions from our trusted partners, whose topics include, Managing Change, Career Empowerment, Building your Personal Brand, Working with Cancer, Maternity Coaching, Sports & Exercise, Nutrition and much more!


Read a summary of recent client’s experience here

“As a new mum I needed to find new ways of dealing with stress whilst optimising performance. Balancing growing an international business with the needs of the family had its challenges. Under the trainer’s clear instruction. I achieved instant results on dealing with stress, which had immediate positive benefits. The introduction of mindfulness has enabled me to use the tools at any time and instantly. It really works. I’ve tried a lot of relaxation and various self-help practices – but this is by far the most empowering and easy to use in day-to-day life.”

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