About us

‘Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome.’

Samuel Jackson

The Resilience Formula is a global consultancy training and coaching provider

The Resilience Formula team acknowledge the fact that many coaching and training techniques for combating stress are built around coping strategies as opposed to finding the route-cause of the challenges that have a negative impact on our performance and wellbeing. In contrast, empowering our clients to take responsibility for their personal resilience and wellness, achieves long-term sustainable performance, consistently high energy levels and a healthier lifestyle. A result that is best for individuals and organisations alike.

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Our vision is to continue to be the leading provider of resilience and wellbeing solutions to employers who welcome trusted partnerships where we can together and begin to protect the long-term engagement, wellbeing and productivity of your people. We aim to achieve this by delivering a liberating, challenging and first-class service.


Our mission is to help you and your organisation achieve full potential by understanding resilience and wellbeing in a way that is enjoyable, practical and realistic. Our key aim is to impart our expert knowledge in developing personal resilience in order to safeguard your longer-term energy, performance and wellbeing.


Each member of the team has a solid business background, combined with rich life experiences. We are committed to a set of core values that we are proud to share with you:

As a team of enthusiastic individuals we truly believe in bringing positive energy to everything we do and deliver it with conviction

Working hard to ensure optimum results, we work together in a way that is realistic to the context of your lifestyle and situation

We stretch ourselves every step of the way – and we encourage you to do the same

We believe that enjoyment is a key element to a healthy life at work and at play. We strive to enjoy all that we do and to impart that sense to you

Integrity and confidentiality are the major cornerstones of our business

We encourage the belief that there is nothing you cannot achieve and we help you to get there