The Resilience Formula offer Consultancy, Training and Coaching to support the Resilience and Wellbeing of your workforce.

Employers looking for ways to improve their people’s Resilience and wellness will be rewarded with a healthier and more reliable workforce, where stress related absenteeism will decrease and overall engagement will increase.

Tailored to meet the requirements of your organisation, we offer a range of solutions which will be delivered through bite-sized learning, group workshops, longer term in-house programmes and one-to-one coaching.



Do less work. Better work.


We Understand Pressure

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Say goodbye to burnout!

Whatever your challenge and budget, contact The Resilience Formula today and create some stress busting heroes in your organisation. Let’s say goodbye to burnout!

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International Head of Human Resources, Legal & General

“If you master the Resilience Formula techniques you’ll stay in the ‘performance zone’ at work. Calm, collected, alert and ready for the challenge. For all you Senior Execs. who ‘cope’ with pressure, why not learn how to turn it to your advantage? It works. I tried it. Well done”

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